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Local Rules

(To be read in conjunction with the Rules of Golf)

  1. Out of Bounds. Those areas beyond the course boundary fences.
  2. Staked or Ornamental Trees. If a tree or shrub which is staked interferes with a player’s stance or area of intended swing, the player MUST take relief as provided in Rule 24-b(i) (Immovable Obstructions)
  3. All Stakes and Tree Guards are Immovable Obstructions.
  4. Power Lines and/or Poles. If a ball strikes a power line, pole or associated equipment, the ball MUST be replayed without penalty.
  5. Ground Under Repair.
  6. -All areas defined by white stakes and/or lines.
    -Except in a hazard, wheel marks made by a mower, tractor or motor vehicle.
    -Constructed pathways are G.U.R.
  7. Compulsory Ground under repair
  8. -9th hole: All areas west to the line on practise fairway, car park and clubhouse area (including garden beds and paths).
    -17th hole: All areas south of the northern edge of bitumen road or the clubhouse (including garden beds and paths).
  9. Distance indicators are measured to centre of green.


Match Play - Loss of Hole. Stroke Play - 2 Strokes.

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